The Saga of Eagles and Wolves

The Defenders of Dopheim

By Bruce D Nickel

It is 113 BC and the Roman 13th Legion has just completed it’s conquest of Gaul.  They are unaware they have crossed a border into Germania.  This starts a war that will be fought off and on until 596 AD with victories and defeats at times being hard to determine on both sides.  The Roman Republic, the Superpower of it’s time, was about to meet an adversary which would test it like it has never seen.  The Germanian tribesmen would combine raw courage, strength and belief in fierce Gods with using the rough wooded terrain to their benefit.

Ulrich Blackhand began his day in the Germanian village of Dolpheim like any other. An act of deceit and dishonesty from another would put his life in jeopardy and he would be forced to flee all that he has known. In his flight he discovers a threat to his people, their lives and freedom were in peril.

Hanoot Knutson loved to drink and to fight. He was truly happy when his tongue was wet with mead and his sword was wet with blood. He was sure of only two things. The foreigners would suffer for invading his homeland and he would earn a place in Woutan’s great hall Walhalla.